Students To Unite Duke

Students To Unite Duke (STUD), the social affiliate of the Center for Race Relations, is an organization dedicated to breaking down Duke’s existing social barriers. We hope to make Duke an inclusive environment by providing a comfortable, fun and welcoming social atmosphere for all Duke students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

Our goal is to provide an outlet for people of different backgrounds to meet, and form lasting friendships. Our mission is to improve Duke’s social scene by promoting the integration of the student body in fun and meaningful events.


All STUD events are tailored to the same audience: Duke students. The events are intended to cater to students of all races, backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

The mission for STUD is to provide social opportunities where all students can meet people from various backgrounds, and provide an environment where all feel welcome and comfortable. STUD accomplishes this goal by acting as liaison between different groups on campus and planning mixers among groups.

STUD also plans parties to recruit students from all social scenes on campus to unite and mingle.

Contact our STUD directors: Amberlene De la Rocha and Spencer Fallek for more information on how to host events with the CRR or to become a part of the STUD committee.


STUD hosts numerous events throughout the year. STUD plans small personalized events (such as mall trips, movie nights, and dinner groups) as well as large events.

STUD events are free to the student body. STUD is always open to new social ideas that promote social integration on campus.

CRR Spring Soiree

CRR Spring Soiree